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  • Christopher Steven Day

    I think we can honestly blame Kant for making possible in English the inflected plural form of the noun “knowledge.” (e Erkenntnis, -se) But maybe he just didn’t know any better.

    My personal definition of post-structuralism, also known as postmodernism, is the belief that all human behavior is conventional, in other words not necessary, and that therefore we are free to play with these conventions. And though I’m partial to my definition of postmodernism, the best- and also pithiest- definition I’ve ever come across elsewhere is that it is “the theory of rejecting theories” (see: Tony Cliff) That definition succinctly expresses what is at once circular and self-defeating about the postmodernist assertion that all assertions are unjustifiable.

    If a theory cultivates in us the general rejection of theories, then how long will it take for us to reject that as well? And even more pressingly, where do we go after that?