Alain Badiou is Getting His Own Documentary

Derrida has one. Chomsky has one. Zizek has like 3. But to date, one of Europe’s most renowned philosopher has yet to receive his own documentary. But not for long, Alain Badiou is slated for his own documentary to be filmed this summer.

Badiou is, of course, a controversial figure. A disciple of Louis Althusser, his work and activism often put him at odds with his peers, including Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, and Jacques Ranciere. He is the author of “Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil” and the forthcoming “The Age of Poets.”

Along with Ranciere and Etienne Balibar, he is one of the last remaining French theorists of his generation.

And while Badiou has film aspirations of his own, he is finally getting a documentary of his own. Entitled “Badiou a Life,” the course will document a five-day lecture by Badiou on his life and work.

“The idea behind Badiou: A Life is to elucidate this complex body of work, contextualize it within its social and political milieu, and experiment with the cinematic and documentary mode to engage the radical implications of Badiou’s thought.

Badiou: a Life will be shot during an innovative five-day mini-course organized by the Global Center for Advanced Studies.  The course, which is entitled “Badiou on Badiou,” will take place at Kendall College of Art & Design in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, from July 14 to 18. The five-day event will feature Badiou in-person. Each day, Professor Badiou will proceed through one stage of his own development as a thinker, culminating in the present period.  Our cameras will follow Badiou over the course of these five-days as he prepares and delivers his lectures, interacts with students and colleagues, and goes about his everyday life.  Finally, we will use the opportunity to interview Badiou as he reflects on his life as a philosopher and a political activist and on the possibilities of the contemporary period.”

For the film, Nonetheless Productions teamed up with GCAS who invited Badiou to their summer institute.

The filmmakers are currently trying to raise money on Indiegogo for equipment, travel and post-production costs. So far, they’ve raised $2,300 out of their $15,000 goal. Donations have ranged from $10 to $250 dollars, but anyone willing to dish out $5,000 can be listed as an executive producer.

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