14 Free Critical Theory Books From University of California Press

Thanks to Open Culture, we’ve recently discovered that the University of California Press has a massive library of free ebooks, many of which are now out of print.

Users can browse books by subject, which varies from public policy and physics to more critically-minded subjects like political theory and postcolonial studies.

We’ve decided to curate some texts which critical theorists may find interesting. If you’re pissed that there is no PDF version, don’t worry. You can view the printable version and convert to PDF from there.

Read any of these books? Let us know how they are in the comments below.

Althusser and the Renewal of Marxist Social Theory

by Robert Paul Resch

althusser renewal of marxist social theoryRead it here.

Thinking Fragments – Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Postmodernism in the Contemporary West

by Jane Flax

thinking fragment jane flaxRead it here.

On Heidegger’s Nazism and Philosophy

by Tom Rockmore

heideggers nazismRead it here.

Colonizing Egypt

by Timothy Mitchell

colonising egypt tim mitchell

Read it here.

Solidarity of Strangers – Feminism After Identity Politics

by Jodi Dean

jodi dean feminism identity politicsRead it here.

Cognition – An Introduction to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

by Tom Rockmore

Cognition - An Introduction to Hegel's Phenomenology of SpiritRead it here.

Historical Destiny and National Socialism in Heidegger’s Being and Time

by Johannes Fritsche

Historical Destiny and National Socialism in Heidegger's Being and TimeRead it here.

Nietzsche – Naturalism and Interpretation

by Christoph Cox

Naturalism and Interpretation nietzscheRead it here.

The Vestal and the Fasces – Hegel, Lacan, Property, and the Feminine

by Jeanne Schroeder

The Vestal and the Fasces

Read it here.

Countering Colonization

by Carol Devens

Countering Colonization

Read it here.

Rethinking the Borderlands – Between Chicano Culture and Legal Discourse

by Carl Gutierrez-Jones

Rethinking the Borderlands

Read it here.

The Philosopher’s Gaze

by David Michael Levin

philosopher's gaze

Read it here.

American Sensations – Class, Empire, and the Production of Popular Culture

by Shelley Streeby

American Sensations

Read it here.

Fathering the Nation – American Genealogies of Slavery and Freedom

by Russ Castronovofathering the nation

Read it here.