Submit Your Papers! Feminism and Food

The Feminist Review is now accepting submissions for a specially themed issue on food. Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2014.

We’ve reproduced the CFP below from their Facebook page.

Food is a feminist issue. From production, distribution and consumption, the gendered dynamics of all aspects of this arena of social, cultural and biological life repay feminist interrogation. This special issue invites contributions probing the politics, economics and affects associated with food at every stage of its lifecycle. The issue aims to encourage discussion and debate by focusing on a broad range of food-inspired issues, including, but not limited to: questioning the intersectional issues provoked by food; exploring and analysing the economics, politics and ethics of food; revisiting the ongoing but unfinished feminist analysis and critique of embodied food politics and body management and ethics. Critically, the issue aims to both reclaim the centrality of feminist perspectives on food, from the analysis of food security to food and subjectivity, and to establish new and provocative agendas for engaging the pleasures and dilemmas of thinking through food.

Abstracts to be submitted to [email protected] by 1 September 2014, and articles based on approved abstracts to be submitted for consideration by 3 January 2015.