Stream The First Annual Eco-Ability Conference For Free

eco ability

Binghamton University will be sponsoring the first annual “Engaging with Eco-Ability” conference tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:00 am EST.  You can check back here for the live stream, if visit this site to view it for free. The conference will continue until Sunday the April 28.

The conference promises to explore “the intersection between dis-ability studies, animal rights and identity politics in an academic and activist setting.” Lectures include “Cripping Animal Ethics,” “For Lack of the Other Inside Me: An Exploration of Bacteria, Gut Flora, Bowel Disorders and Disability,” and “Queering Vegetarian Politics: Beyond a Politics of Purity and Normalcy.”

More info available here.

The frame below will (hopefully) present the live stream once the conference has started.

Streaming video by Ustream