The Ultimate Critical Theory Gift Guide


Communist Party Hoodie and T-Shirt

communist party hoodie 2 communist part hoodie backVia Threadless.

Karl Marx Earrings

karl marx earrings

Via Etsy.

8-Bit Philosophy Shirt

8-bit philosophy shirt

For fans of the show 8-Bit Philosophy.

Via Wisecrack.

Jean-Paul Sartre Pin

sartre pin
Via Etsy.

Kafka Brooch

kafka book brooch

A brooch is some type of pin that women wear, according to patriarchal fashion norms. This one is made out of pages from Metamorphosis.

Via Etsy.

Emma Goldman Baby Shirt

goldman baby shirt
For the childbearing anarchist in your life.

Via Etsy.

What Would Nietzsche Do Shirt?

what would nietzsche do shirtProbably want to shoot the Kaiser?

Via Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.

Ancient Philosophy T-Shirt

ancient philosopher tee
Via Etsy.

Derrida T-Shirt

derrida tshirt

Via Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.

Foucault Pins

foucault pinsVia Etsy.

Vote for Hegel T-Shirt

vote for hegel

Via Zazzle.

Philosopher Bracelet

philosopher bracelet Featuring Plato, Hippocrates, Socrates, Hemlock and Aristotle

Via Etsy.


Peter Kropotkin T-Shirt (He was actually born a prince)

kropoptkin t shirtVia AK Press.