Leinist Hugging

Zizek Likes Cuddling. The Art of Leninist Hugging

This video surfaced on Bibliokept.org, the origin is unknown aside from the fact it seems to be associated with the Subversive Film Festival, an annual festival held in Europe since 2008.


Zizek on sex

In the video, Slavoj Zizek talks about his thoughts on sex, hugging, and Leninism. Zizek claims to have never had sex with a woman, a statement that is most certainly false given his child and multiple marriages.

Zizek: When did I last have sex? Never. When will I next have sex? Never
Zizek: Really, let me tell you something. It is nice to sleep with a woman.
Interviewer: To sleep without sex, or to have sex?
Zizek: Of course to have sex, but isn’t it nice to sleep after sex? That’s so nice!
Zizek: To hug each other and… Yes, that’s serious Leninist work.
Zizek: Because each person has some tricks, to find a position.

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