Listen to Badiou Lecture on Althusser and Theory

althusser badiou

This lecture by Alain Badiou was given on December 6, 2013 as Princeton University for the 50th anniversary of the publication of Althusser’s “Reading Capital.” The one day conference also had lectures by Bruno Bosteels, Emily Apter and Etienne Balibar.

The quality isn’t stellar, but is clear enough at a loud volume.


From the description:

Althusser seeks to destroy the opposition between theory and practice and seeks to replace the Real of production with practice. By destroying the dialectical relationship between theory and practice, Althusser develops a new form of materialism of production, not one based on social relations. For Althusser, theory is the result of practices. It is the abstract result of practices. Thus, the Althusserian discovery of theory is an immanent discovery of truth within the field of theoretical processes.