Free Read: Indigenous Art, Aesthetics and Decolonial Struggle

Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society” has just released a new issue entitled “Indigenous Art, Aesthetics and Decolonial Struggle.”

The current issue features scholars, artists, and
activists from around the globe.

“Decolonization” is an “undisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online Open Access journal committed to decolonization work within education, as part of a larger project of decolonization in society.”

We’ve reproduced the table of contents below.
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Table of Contents

Cover Art

Yikáísdáhá JPEG
Tom GreyEyes


Fugitive indigeneity: Reclaiming the terrain of decolonial struggle through Indigenous art PDF
Jarrett Martineau, Eric Ritskes


Putting feathers on our words: Kaona as a decolonial aesthetic practice in Hawaiian literature PDF
Brandy Nālani McDougall
Mapurbe: Spiritual Decolonization and the Word in the Chilean Mierdópolis PDF
Sandra Collins
Control mapping: Peter Pitseolak and Zacharias Kunuk on reclaiming Inuit photographic images and imaging PDF
David Winfield Norman
Nametoo: Evidence that he/she is/was present PDF
Celeste Pedri-Spade
Solarize-ing Native hip-hop: Native feminist land ethics and cultural resistance PDF
Jenell Navarro
Queer Xicana Indígena cultural production: Remembering through oral and visual storytelling PDF
Susy J. Zepeda
The Catholic schoolgirl & the wet nurse: On the ecology of oppression, trauma and crisis PDF
Jade E. Davis
inVISIBILITY: Indigenous in the city – Indigenous artists, Indigenous youth and the project of survivance PDF
Susan D. Dion, Angela Salamanca


contentious art: disruption and decolonial aesthetics PDF
luam kidane
Leaning in PDF
Leanne Simpson


Decolonial options and artistic/aestheSic entanglements: An interview with Walter Mignolo PDF
Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández
An interview with Rebecca Belmore PDF
Wanda Nanibush
An interview with Tania Willard on Beat Nation, Indigenous curation and changing the world through art PDF
Jarrett Martineau
An interview with Tom GreyEyes on street art, Honor the Treaties and ‘dreaming a new world into being’ PDF
Jarrett Martineau