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Zachary Siegel is a research assistant at DePaul University's Center for Community Research. He is also a freelance writer. You can contact him via email at [email protected]. Follow him on twitter @undergroundman5.

“You Cannot Escape Your Country,” James Baldwin, a 1984 Interview

Can people of color, or more specifically, people in urban African-American communities, salvage anything from America? Do we now live in two Americas, in diametric opposition, too far away to bridge the enormous economic and political divide, or maybe have we always? When confronted with images of rioting in Baltimore, and the subsequent militarized police to … Continue Reading ››

Review: Why are Animals Funny? The EDA Collective

“Death Drive,” “hauntology,” “in horror vacui,” and “uber-chutzpa” are just a few of the phrases that grace the pages of “Why are Animals Funny? Everday Analysis: Volume 1,” published in the UK by independent publisher, Zero Books. “Why are Animals Funny?” is written by a band of, well, what I call renegades. They, however, call themselves the Everyday Analysis Collective (EDA Collective), a group comprised mostly of journalists and academics out of England.

9 Insane Stories from The Lives of Famous Existentialists

Existentialism is a field of philosophy that grapples with human existence and flourished in post-war Europe in the 1940s and 1950s.

Of course, these thinkers of human existence were also dealing with their own. Namely, that their lives were a bizarre shit-storm of mental breakdowns, drug-induced genius and tremendous backlash from the societies they lived in.