Submit Your Papers! Queer(ing) Performance

The 23rd annual Festival of Original Theatre is now accepting submissions for its 2015 conference, “Queer(ing) Performance).” The deadline for applications is September 15, 2014.

Read the full CFP below.

Call for Papers, Performances and Artistic Works

Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT)

Queer(ing) Performance

February 5-7, 2015

The 23rd annual Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT) invites proposals to our 2015 conference: Queer(ing) Performance. Considering the performance of everyday life, as well as the staged, digital, and imagined, FOOT 2015 subverts rigid disciplinary boundaries between scholarship, practice and politics. This year’s conference not only welcomes papers on queer productions, but also work that engages queers methodologies. We invite proposals from activists, academics and artists who question, contest and revolt against scholarly and theatrical norms.

Acknowledging the ways in which queer theory, alongside many traditional theatre approaches, has privileged white able-bodied, cisgender male subjects, FOOT 2015: Queer(ing) Performance opens up the conversation to consider the multiple intersecting experiences and practices of a range of marginalized populations. FOOT 2015 questions broad applications of queer methodologies to performance through diverse conversations on postcolonialism, crip studies, critical race theory and feminisms.

FOOT 2015 invites proposals for presentations of papers, workshops, readings and performances from scholars, activist and artists in the following areas:

  • Queer(ing) normative LGBT Theatre and Performance
  •  Queering conceptions of spatiality & temporality in performance
  • Confronting Scriptocentrism: Oral history, storytelling and spoken word performance
  • Activism, social justice, and grass-roots performance
  • Queer indigenous studies and performance
  • Trans politics and identities onstage and/or in everyday life
  •  Regulation and Policing of Nonnormative performance
  • Manifestations of a turn towards the wild on stage
  • Drag, Burlesque and Cabaret
  •  Queering Nostalgia, Memory and Theatre History
  •  Performing Queer/Feminist ideologies in everyday life

Recognizing the inextricable link between performance scholarship and artistic creation, FOOT 2015 provides an outlet for diverse voices to contribute to discussions on performance studies and theatre creation from a queer standpoint. As queer(ing) theatre necessitates an open and flexible understanding of the field of performance, we welcome nontraditional proposals and formats for papers, film screenings and performances.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2014

Please send a 300-word abstract or description of your artistic work, as well as a short bio to:  [email protected]

For more information check out our website: