Submit Your Abstracts: Origins of Truth: A Conference on Foucault’s Lectures on the Will to Know

The Foucault Society (holy shit, that’s a thing?) and SUNY-Stonybrook will be holding a conference on Foucault’s “Lectures on the Will to Know” on November 8-9, 2013. 500 word proposals are due September 10, 2013. The conference will be held at Stonybrook Manhattan, and will feature poststructuralist-anarchist Todd May as a keynote speaker.

You can also volunteer for the event here.

From Foucault News:

In celebration of the publication of Lectures on the Will to Know, Foucault’s inaugural lecture course at the Collège de France, we invite participants to a conference in New York City for an introduction to and scholarly discussion of this ground-breaking text. Conference themes will include Intellectual History, Forms of Knowledge, and Truth and the City-State. Suggested sub-topics are listed below.  Please send 500 word proposals to [email protected].

Deadline: September 10, 2013.  Accepted presenters will be notified by September 20, 2013.  More information:

Intellectual History

  • Foucault and Deleuze
  • Foucault and Nietzsche
  • Foucault and Aristotle
  • Foucault and the Greeks
  • Foucault and Eastern Knowledge

Forms of Knowledge

  • Judgment (apophantic v. sophistic)
  • Justice (diakonoia v. krinein)
  • Measurement (Being)
  • Repetition (Becoming)
  • The Event (Magico-Religious)

Truth and the City-State

  • Law
  • Money
  • Sovereignty
  • Political Economy
  • Purity/Impurity
  • Criminality

See the full call for papers at Foucault News.

Got a call for papers we should know about? Email [email protected].