Nothing Matters and Everything is Terrible: A Pop Song for Philosophers

Have you ever flailed awkwardly to “I Gotta Feeling” in a club, and suddenly wondered – “How can we expect tonight to be a good night, when we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what may be considered good?” How can we dance like nobody is watching when we’ve all been ensnared by power’s panoptic gaze.

If so, congratulations, you’re probably an asshole. Or stoned. Or both. But either way, there’s a new pop song for you, and the rest of us, I suppose.

The Too Philosophical Pop Song,” by comedy group “Second City Network” makes pop music serious business.  Jam-packed with references to Hobbes, existentialism, and Nietzsche, it compels listeners to “tear up this joint,” because, after all, “the state of nature is war.”

“We’re thrown into this universe with no purpose, compelled to fabricate meaning,” the song continues.

And, while we own the night, do we really?

own the nightAnd how can we be sure this party even exists?light the sky on fireWatch the video below.