New Issue of Zizek Studies, Out Now!

The “International Journal of Zizek Studies,” an open-access journal devoted to the work of Slovenian theorist Slavoj Zizek, has just released their latest issue on “Less Than Nothing.” It features a new article from Zizek himself entitled “From Kant to Hegel.”

Less Than Nothing” is Zizek’s 2013 book arguing the importance of G.W.F. Hegel, and calls for us to “repeat and exceed his triumphs, overcoming his limitations by being even more Hegelian than the master himself.

We’ve reproduced the table of contents below.

Table of Contents


Editor’s Introduction to the “Less Than Nothing” Special Issue English
Glyn Daly
Less Than Nothing is More Than Something (Part 1) English
Rex Butler
The Insubstantiality of Substance, Or, Why We Should Read Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature English
Todd McGowan
“Why Is There Nothing Rather Than Something?”: Less Than Nothing’s New Metaphysics English
Joseph Carew
Oedipus and the Social Bond in Žižek and Badiou English
Daniel Tutt
The Quantum Infinite Correlationalism, Contingency and Necessity English
Glyn Daly
Slavoj Žižek