The Missed Connection You’ve Been Waiting For, Deleuze on the C Train


Admit it. You’ve been sitting on the train or bus at some point in your life with all of those volumes of Marx’s unabridged “Das Kapital” hoping that one of these days someone would chat you up about dialectics and commodity fetishism and bam, you’re soul-mates. And, when you decided to sell out and buy an e-reader, you wished there was some way to proclaim to the world that you were cultured enough to really get Thomas Pynchon’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” during your morning commute.

And for someone, that dream might have just come true. Or this is an awesome elaborate hoax.

Earlier today someone posted a “Missed Connection” on the Manhattan Craigslist for a bespectacled man in a gray t-shirt reading a copy of “Anti-Oedipus,” an apt physical description for 90% of Deleuze readers.

deleuze missed connection

you may have seen me stumble on to the c train at west 4th (approx. 10:30PM) wearing a black and white dress and a library book. i sat down and obviously craned my neck to see what you, guy with glasses and some sort of gray camp staff shirt, were reading. anti-oedipus if i had to guess. i just read cumulatively 200ish threads in the rhizome of a thousand plateaus before realizing i didn’t understand ~any of it, and forsook it for some extremely light, slightly trashy reading (pattern recognition, which is what i was carrying). i wanted to ask if maybe you could explain D&G to me, as self-studying french philosophy is not something i take lightly, or at least give another take, but i feel like i don’t need to explain how weird that would have been for both of us. also you got off like one stop later. but if you want to, maybe, and don’t think i am crazy, maybe we can send emails at each other or something.

Maybe this is one big ruse to get hundreds of messages from philosophy students eager to mansplain Deleuze to the opposite sex.

See the original Craigslist posting.

Or the most adorable thing ever.