Free Read: “What Now, Professor?”

In the 2nd ever issue of Chiasma, a peer-reviewed journal on “continental philosophy, social and political theory, literary criticism, media studies, and cultural studies,” the journal explores pedagogy in “What Now, Professor?”

Chiasma is primarily based out of Western University’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism in Canada.

We have reproduced the table of contents below.

Issue #2: What Now, Professor?

Editor’s Introduction
Alayna Jay


Let Us Now Stand Up For Bastards
Eileen A. Joy

On the Neuro– Turn in the Humanities
Will Samson, with a response by Thomas Wormald

For an Apocalyptic Pedagogy
Levi R. Bryant

Why This Poetry Matters
H. L. Hix

Between Comfort and Disillusionment
Noel Glover

Heidegger’s Contributions to Education (From Thinking)
Carolyn Thomas and Iain Thomson

Annotation, Navigation, Electronic Editions
Bernard Stiegler, translated by John Oliver Beal


Calvin Thomas, Ten Lessons in Theory: An Introduction to Theoretical Writing
Kent L. Brintnall

Rodolphe Gasché, Georges Bataille: Phenomenology and Phantasmology
Jan Plug

Duke-Bologna School on Global Studies and Critical Theory
Asad Haider

Critical Theory Beyond Negativity: A course by Rosi Braidotti
Aggeliki Sifaki

Notes on Contributors

Bonus Material.