Free Read: New Journal ‘Chiasma’ Launches

Chiasma: A Site for Thought is a newly established journal that has just released their first issue. According to their mission statement,  Chiasma is concerned with “continental philosophy, social and political theory, literary criticism, media studies, and cultural studies” and “those genetic moments that displace theory from its history, without abandoning it to an auxiliary position between disciplines.”

Their first issue contains a new translation of François Laruelle’s “Deconstruction and Non-Philosophy.”

We’ve reproduced the table of contents below.

Issue 1.1: What the Doing of Thinking Does and Doesn’t Do Today

Editor’s Introduction
Alayna Jay


A Time For Radical Hope
Eileen A. Joy

Wonder Without Domination
Andrew Reszitnyk 

Deconstruction and Non-Philosophy
François Laruelle (translated by Nicholas Hauck)

On Dismantling the Master’s House
Roshaya Rodness 

Music in the Monopolization of Knowledge
Michael Mackenzie

Political Percontation
Casey Beal 

Karl Kautsky’s Forerunners of Modern Socialism
Roland Boer 


James Penny, After Queer Theory: The Limits of Sexual Politics
Allan Pero 

Philip Tonner, Heidegger, Metaphysics, and the Univocity of Being
Mazen Saleh 

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, The End of San Francisco
Matthew Halse 

Rolf Kühn, Individuation et vie culturelle: Pour une phénoménologie radical dans la perspective de Michel Henry
Vincent Marzano