87 Texts Every Critical Theorist Needs to Read


#10 Marx – Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844

economic philosophical manuscripts marxRead it for free here.

#11 Marx – Theses on Feuerbach

marx feuerbach

Read it for free here.

#12 Marx – The German Ideology

marx the german ideologyRead it for free here.

#13 Marx – Capital

marx capitalRead it for free here.

#14 Lukacs – History and Class Consciousness

lukacs history class conciousnessBuy it here.

#15 Gramsci – The Prison Notebooks

The Prison NotebooksRead it for free here.


#16 Husserl – The Crisis of the European Sciences

The_Crisis_of_European_Sciences_and_Transcendental_PhenomenologyRead it for free here.

#17 Heidegger – Being and Time

heidegger being and time

Buy it here.

#18 Merleau-Ponty – Phenomenology of Perception

Phenomenology of Perception

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